Photo gallery

Shell-shaped wall fountain

Bush-hammered tray with smooth edge

Chiseled, bush-hammered and polished clock

Vase with bush-hammered bas-reliefs

Uncertain shape with chiseled clock and bas-reliefs

Porphyry staircase with trachyte cordonate

Bas-relief in trachyte in the shape of a heart clock

Regular arch in trachyte blocks worked tip and hammer

Fountain formed by bush-hammered column and base

Bush-hammered bonsai pot

Interior floor opus incertum style

House entrance frame called Soàda in Veneto

Rough trachyte rough draft

opus incertum porphyry sidewalk

Sphere and base in polished trachyte

Bush-hammered trachyte stone vase

Portion of a opus incertum style wall

Stone walls and steps extracted in place

Smoothed and polished vase

Rustic wall of tavern

Wall fountain with chiseled strips

Pillar pre-assembled and ready for installation

Fountain worked with leftovers of trachyte and porphyry

Bow worked with tip and hammer in trachyte

Bas-relief of the sacred book with column

Octagonal shape of chiseled watch

Bas-relief with frame, images on fantasy

opus incertum style well with strip edge

House entrance in trachyte stone and brick

Regular under-porch arches

Part of a stone dwelling

Pilast hat with strips